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Olaf the Snowman in Lego Duplo

I got inspired to make it when I saw a real Olaf Lego set advertised for release next year.

Olaf the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul,
With some sticks for arms and a carrot nose
and two eyes made out of snow (as well).

Olaf the Snowman, is a fairytale, they say.
He was made of snow, but the children know
that he came to life one day.

There must have been some magic in that lilac hat I found,
I had to place it on his head, no more white bricks were around! Oh!

Olaf the Snowman, was alive as he could be;
and the children say he could laugh and play,
just the same as you and me.


I am going to the beach next week!

I am going to be fighting with Sonja to use the magenta Elsa and Anna beach towel. No chance for her, she's only 3. Good thing my sister is content with her blue Pikachu and Jigglypuff towel. Maybe I'll fight with her for the Pokémon towel instead! It's so much more rare! I will be definitely be fighting someone!

I can't wait to goooo!


Mad obsessed FROZEN fan 'blog -- Ships

Oh nOOOO. Ships in a fandom! Just to clarify, to me, ship means "romantic relationship".

I ship Kristanna. That's really the end of it. I love Elsa, but I just can't think of a suitable match for her.

However, I can like just about every ship that involves either Elsa or Anna. I love Fan art and that is really what makes the ship! But to be honest, I don't ship any of the ships very hard. :(

So, this is what I think about the Frozen ships.

(TLDR version: I don't ship this but it has hot fan art, so sure, I ship it.)

1) Kristoff x Anna (KristAnna)

This is a popular pairing and also canon. Anna spends a few days travelling together with Kristoff to find her sister, building up friendship and trust. They kiss at the end of the film. This seems fast, but I've already established that Anna falls fast(!), and I can only hope that Kristoff's love for Anna is true. Kristoff seems to be a good, decent guy, definitely handsome. I can see them going long term, and I really like this.

The fan arts for this couple are mostly very cute, particularly ones in which they are living family life together. I enjoy marriage artworks of them, and there are artworks of them in bed which I find extremely hot. I wish there were more of them*. I don't really care about their children even although I know Anna has "always wanted kids of [her own]".

Gingerhaole, xxMeMoRiEzxx and Lovelyrugbee make great Kristanna art.

*because see 3)!

2) Hans x Elsa (Helsa or as I say, HElsans)

I see this from time to time. Anna falls for the dashing Prince Hans of the Southern Isles at Elsa's coronation and on the same day, they ask Elsa for a marriage blessing, which she refuses to give. After Elsa runs away, Hans and his search party bring her back to Arendelle in chains. Hans is revealed to be power hungry and would even kill Elsa to get the throne of Arendelle. I don't like this pairing simply because Hans wanted to kill Elsa! Hans is an interesting character who manages to fool everyone in Arendelle.

There are very few fan arts for this ship but some of them are actually really hot. I would assume that people ship them for the following reasons: Hans is good looking, he's already a prince, it's pair the spares after KristAnna, the conflict when he needs to decide if he is to murder the one he loves, out of desperation because Hans is the only other main character after Anna that Elsa speaks to. Whatever.

Emma-monsta draws good Hans x Elsa.

3) Elsa x Anna (Elsanna <--- the best ship name)

This is actually the most popular ship on the internet. Nobody can deny the love between Elsa and Anna. They are sisters who were separated during childhood and reunited after they grew up. The entire film is their story of familial love. When I watched Frozen the first time I actually said that Elsa should have kissed Anna on the lips to save her because it would be funny, but now I'm completely eating my words. People ship this seriously! These are my problems with shipping it seriously: I find incest quite disgusting; Anna is actually straight, and in my mind, so is Elsa; I'm not big on childhood friends getting together.

My favourite kind of Frozen fan art is of (non-romantic) Elsa and Anna. Because of their popularity, excellent art is not too hard to find. As for the ship, I have the same problem as Elsa x Hans: some of the artwork is undeniably hot. Reasons people ship them: they love each other already, just not romantically; forbidden love. This is my NOTP because I love them too much.

Yohchi for hot pictures. A-KA does very borderline ElsAnna (even though she's totally my favourite Frozen artist for non-ship Elsa and Anna).

4) Jack x Elsa (Jelsa or as I say, JElsack)

This is possibly the most popular crossover ship I've ever seen. Jack Frost is a fun-loving ice spirit who is one of the Guardians of children in the film "Rise of the Guardians". He has similar powers to Elsa. However, he and Elsa are from different universes and he is an immortal, so there can be no happily ever afters. I have a bit of trouble shipping this pairing because Jack looks so young and innocent and it'd be silly to have him be like a toy boy. I would rather Elsa be with a man!

Fan art of them are usually cute. Art-wise, this is the second most popular Elsa ship. I tried to find some hot fan art but sadly, there were extremely few. Come on!

5) Kristoff x Elsa (KristElsa)

This is very rare. I don't think Kristoff and Elsa even talk in the film. According to Anna, Elsa appointed him the Ice Master and Deliverer at the end, so she must approve of Kristoff somehow. I like the idea of it, but I just can't bring myself to ship this pairing! Mostly because Kristoff and Anna are already an item. Elsa and Kristoff don't even know each other, and Kristoff is just a peasant. It's too desperate.

Fan art is almost non-existent, shame. :(

6) Hans x Anna (Hanna or as I say, HAnnans)

The film ships them for you at the start with that rather cute song, but no! You can't marry a man you just met, can you? This ship is not popular either. It seems to be almost as rare as KristElsa. I can ship this.

Very few fan arts. Definitely rarer than HElsans. I have not even found one fan art of them hugging, never mind kissing or anything more. She doesn't even get a kiss in the film. This is all rather depressing. (Edit 22 June: OK, I found some fan arts of them. It's still rare! )

7) Elsa x Elsa (ElsElsa) -- Sure. I'm more OK with this than ElsAnna. I can't take it seriously, either. There is actually fan art of this, but again, trace amounts.

8) Jack x Anna (JAnnack?) -- I can ship this as much as I ship JElsack. I actually find Anna's non-serious personality more compatible with Jack. No happily ever after either, though. Can't find any fan art at all of it. Zilch.

9) Hans x Kristoff (Hansoff) -- They never talk. No chemistry. Crack pairing. No.

10) Sven x Kristoff (Sventoff) -- Hinted at in the film as a joke. Just no.

11) Ships involving Olaf and Marshmallow with people or each other-- No.

That's it.


I never know when the HELL to come in at that bit! Anna's bits are all fine, then Elsa appears and she just goes, "don't let them in" at a seemingly random time WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLL? XD

I mean, after looking at the sheet music I figured out how to do the Elsa duet bit no problem, but...... Oh I'll just go stare at the sheet music some more and DO SOME COUNTING to see when Elsa comes in!!! GAAAAH WHY CAN'T I JUST DO IT SPONTANEOUSLY?

WHO WROTE THIS SONG??? It' s not fair !!! I just want to sing it, is that too much to ask???????

TLDR: I suck at timing and I love Elsa

and Anna

right now




I touch type but I'm not very familiar with where the Caps Lock button is and I often press TAB instead, so after I type stuff in caps and want to turn it off and start a new line, I will press TAB then ENTER instead of CAPS LOCK then ENTER, but TAB moves focus onto Gmail's Send button and Enter sends the email...........

I've done this twice now!!! Sent people half-written emails. It's STUPID. GMAIL U TROLL GO DIEEEEEEE


Nina, you're my hero!

GO ENGINEERING! ENGINEERING...  and even "brilliant bodies". These songs are so awful but they are awesome!

Get the preschoolers interested in science! Yes!

Nina, you are great!!!!!!!!

I'm not angry today

I'm not in a particularly ragey mood about anything today. I seem to have been in a complain about everything mood lately. -__- Merry early Christmas. I need to stop doing internet shopping.


You go on a forum where someone's asked a question. It's a slightly obscure question but you know the exact answer. You're not a regular poster and your name is unknown on the forum, but you feel kind so you post and tell them. Then an idiot who think s/he knows better persuasively post his conjectures after you with his own rants, but he is wrong. Then a few more post and either give something new entirely or agree with the idiot. They are all wrong. You check back and you see the original asker still hasn't got a clue. You can't be arsed correcting them.


Why can't people who don't know anything just SHUT THE FUCK UP?
Or if they have to post, at least state that they're just guessing?

Now whoever needs an answer to a question like the one in that thread won't get one quickly and easily either. It's completely fail.



If William and Kate call their baby the same as mine, know that I got there first!

It's going to suck because the name will probably trend.
Would you rather be super-rich or super-smart if you would only be average in the other category?

Super smart, obviously. I could make my own money from being that. Besides, my babies would have a bigger chance of being smart too if I'm smart. Gosh, I really want all my babies right this second. ¬¬